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taste of freedom:

October 2011

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light house:

dear world,
i hate you.

normally, celebrities, they don't get me. i love their gossip, and when one dies, it sucks but i don't know them. heath ledger died today and i want to cry. like a lot. it's like when i found out john lennon AND john bonham were dead. shana texted me at work, and i texted a bunch of people to confirm. my dad even called me back to tell me it was true.

it's like death is like "hey, high school is over and here's why." i spent so many days talking with lauren, kim, hillary, and emily about him. we had the epic patriot picture magnet that we stole and traded. i saved the picture from it in my desk at home. i was looking for a picture; he's in my computer scrolling background on my computer. i loved every movie i saw with him; i watched only the scenes in the patriot where he's not dead or about to die. i watched a knight's tale on christmas. and for a while, whenever we rented movies, we just rented that one. like for five years. i had tons of icons for livejournal. this picture below is in the collage i made on my basement walls, also featuring justin timberlake, orlando bloom, and johnny depp. i COATED my binders, up until about 10th grade, with the same pictures. i used my ancient color printer and then covered them with packing tape. i still had them until this summer too.

he's up there with weird things that remind me of junior high, easier stuff.

and now tmz entertainment has live streaming video from outside his apartment. autopsy tomorrow, great, great, great. can't you just go back in time to when it's easy? i'm kinda ridiculously sad.


you can do it, girl. if anyone can it's you.
i wish time travel were possible.