nora rose

hi, my name is nora.
girl, 20 years old.
vegetarian and former blonde.
elle parle français rarement.
i love autumn.
i love you too.
i used to be online a lot. i'm growing up, slowly.

accents, anime, art, artsy craftsy parties, being a costume nazi, björk, blonde, blue eyes, boston, boys, bright eyes, bringing back the 80s, cake, cheesy 80s movies, cheesy 90s music, coldplay, conor oberst, costumes, dancing in hallways, dandelions, dawson's creek, dead poet's society, desaparecidos, diy, diy book bags, diy parties, dominic deegan, endless waltz, escaping from french class, faraway, fashion, fighting, footloose, french class, garden state!!!, ghibli films, gone with the wind, gundam wing, guster, gwen stefani, gym class laze, haldir, harry potter, heath ledger, hello kitty, horses, hot pink, i love the 80's, icon making, inside jokes, ireland, j-rock, johnny depp, journey, k2 sweet luv, kashmir, killing oil paints intheface, king philip, kittens, knitting, kp drama, kp gaps, kurt cobain, led zeppelin, legwarmers, let's-huddle-because-my-outfit-sucks kids, limes, linkin park kids!, loner lunches avec coolkids, lord of the rings, louis xiv, manga, miami vice kids, mindless self indulgence, napoleon dynamite, narration in seventeen, newbury comics, nirvana, no ♥ for stalkers, nora, oasis, obnoxious pins, old houses, paris, passes out of french, pesco vegetarian, pirates of the caribbean, puppies, purses, rasputina, red roses, religious jeopardy shirts, rilo kiley, robert plant, romance, roses, rossignol saphir, sad scene kids, saddle creek, scarves, secret of roan inish, senses fail, shiwamong, sinfest, skiing, soccer, speaking french, the breakfast club, the dresden dolls, the new pornographers, the unicorns, the who, the yeah yeah yeahs, theatre, three layer cake, thrifting, thrifting in boston, tutus, us history., vegetarian, wearing legwamers, weezer, wrentham, you, , , ,